it’s so nice being alive at the same time as you


One, two, three, Led Zeppelin reissues


Anxiety, 2012-2013

Artist’s Statement:
"Living in a city that doesn’t sleep under fancy neon signs is exciting and fabulous, but on the dark side of it, it’s isolated, brutal, and dangerous. The larger the city, stronger the phenomenon.
"The city that I live in, New York, is really amazing and attractive, but sometimes shows anxiety and danger. The homeless overflow out on the streets and the insane increase every minute. The world is growing insane. But it’s not easy for us to pay attention to the socially weak. Only the neglected whom live among the many and the unspecified persons exist.

"People usually live in their private spaces, such as apartments or offices. Most of the people are too busy trying to live their lives. They only take in to account on themselves and the people that matters, and nobody else. The people in the city always lives in competition, and those whom fail in the competition will face failure. The city is fabulous, but cold."

(Source: foxmouth)